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Miracles and the Next Generation

Posted by Fiss on April 24, 2009

“Come…dry your eyes, for you are life, rarer than a quark and unpredictable beyond the dreams of Heisenberg…dry your eyes…”

I’ve often said that the greatest thing I’ve ever done was to mash my fingers against the keys of an old Microsoft keyboard. To write about the epic and sometimes petty worlds created by my sleep-deprived brain and wonderful, sugar-sweet friendships.

Other times, my greatest moments include saying things like ‘I Do’, or ‘Amen’. In all these things, however, it is the act of creation that ties them together.

The act of doing. Works against the darkness. Speech against the silence. Hoisting and settling a big monolith against the timeless entropy of the spinning, cooling, dissipating fire of the universe. To honour by mimicry, humble by parody, and exalt through art…creation is life! It is purpose. It is, as the scholars of old might say: “Why.”


All that being said, it is still surprisingly wonderful that some of my finest moments of late are when I can make my son smile. When I can change a diaper and see him go from thoughtful annoyance to restless thanks. The thankful silence after a bout of crying, or the googling sounds of a baby trying to speak to his parents and others…both are glorious and earth-shattering, and both can eclipse any number of other things.


Within this tiny person is a whole new universe. A new life! A new perspective! Thoughts that are forming and dreams that are happening! And suddenly, you realize why your parents put up with you for the diaper years, the high-pitched hyperactive years, and the ‘think you know everything’ teenage years and beyond. It makes me appreciate my own life more, and respect others in a whole new light. It makes me rethink some of the things I took for granted, and makes me realize how deeply blessed and loved I’ve been by God and innumerable fellow mortals both within and outside my family and circle of dear friends. Most of all, it makes me want to give all these revelations, sorrows, joys, worries and loves to my child, no matter how long we have together on this planet.


Asenia and I named our child Simeon after the patron saint of an online church I deeply respect and have found occasional fellowship with. Saint Simeon was a man who went around performing miracles through insane or silly acts…often such miracles only recognized long after his death. In all ways he tried to emulate Christ, and through his off-coloured ways, showed those unable to be saints how they could still live as God’s children. We could think of no better way to honour our child…who will either be the most crazy, unique, weird little monster imaginable…or backlash and be sane and normal just to frighten his parents. Heheh.


So, as Simeon’s journey into the World pasts it’s first month and continues on for what I pray will be a long, wonderful and fulfilling trip, I throw my words against the silence of an uncertain future, and my shouts of happiness against whatever darkness there is to come and say:


I can think of no greater act of creation than to be your father.


Welcome, Simeon Brummet.

Come, sit, let us talk for a long, long while!


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