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Year 30

Posted by Fiss on July 25, 2009
  1. Publish.  = Unfortunately started, but not yet quite there.  I have a killer couple of stories ready, including one I’d like to start sending to some magazines and publishers around town.  Who knows…
  2. See what 200 km/h fees like. = 4:37am June 21, 204km/h.  Fucking terrifying, but undeniably amazing.
  3. Get my new coat = Found a custom leather shop that will do it, now I just need to design it…
  4. Class 6 licence. = Proud ‘rider since October 08.
  5. Read all of the Dark Tower. = Finished earlier this month.  Loved it, thought the ending was great (some people don’t for some reason) and even managed to score copies of the comics and side-stories to enjoy along the way.
  6. Put at least 500 km on my bike. = While I’m certain I meant my mountain bike, the weather has been far too nasty this year to do so.  Instead, I will lie and say I meant my new motorcycle, which I have put on almost 2000 km on.  🙂
  7. Flamell Cross tattoo = Yes, thanks to my wonderful sister, and it is PERFECT.
  8. Dull my sword. = Sadly, not much opportunity here, though I have managed to damage a few of the fittings.
  9. Sort out the last 2 years of internet downloads and trash the crap I’ve collected. = The ongoing saga continues.
  10. 10 more goals for 2010
  1. Get back to my ideal weight and keep it off all winter
  2. Build a shed and deck, or at the very least stairs and a parking pad.
  3. Read a book a month
  4. Write in this Blog every week
  5. Teach my son a new word every week once he learns to talk
  6. Road Trip to Vegas with whoever wants to come along.  Motorcycles required.
  7. Update Studio Shinnyo and remake the OWW.
  8. Publish, Publish Publish!
  9. Learn basic ASL
  10. Plot 10 more scurvy things to do in the 2011 era

Can’t wait.  🙂

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