Midnight Jolt Run

Caffeine tastes better when the city's asleep


Posted by Fiss on February 14, 2011

She bundles up in the cute stuff
Armoured in nylons and grey fluff
And an outer balloon jacket far too flat
To hold even a warm breath for more than a dozen heartbeats

Out into the cold she awakes
The one day a year she forsakes
The weather channel a dozen times
And her sudden accidental bravery makes me smile a dozen more

Today the ice holds no relativity
And her form resists earth’s gravity
Though I should have shovelled the walk
And the gleaming mirror of the land makes me call out to stride light

With a playful hop and a running jump
She lands in the yard with a quiet thump
And laughs as the snow powders a delicate cloud
And falls back to the land around her as if it missed her like I do sometimes

Her breath paints the air as it becomes still
Holding its form for her patient skill
Then as the cold of a frozen world tries in vain
To still that fiery heart I know races in her breast, she resists and swings into motion.

The swishing crunch of the snow unmarred
And her squeals of laughter throughout the yard
Hang in the sunbeams falling and fluttering all around
And shatter the diamond-cold illusion of winter we’ve locked outdoors for so long

Hips, Shoulders, Arms and Legs swing up; then down
With a halo of hair spread about her crown
I think briefly of the snow surely sliding into her boots
Plans of sharing hot coco by the register form readily in my mind’s eye

My heart melts a hundred times as she sits up laughing
With a careful jump she leaps away huffing
It’s important, she says, not to leave tracks as you go
Lest you have to start all over and by then the power will be all gone

With her back in my arms, I agree with her magic
To spoil her first snow angel would indeed be tragic
So we step away with care to a virgin part of the land
Before both jumping into the snow, limbs swinging, birthing cupids as we go

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