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Posted by Fiss on April 4, 2013


In the last 2 months, I’ve suffered 3 different colds/flus, spiking blood pressure (low AND high) dizziness, dehydration, heart palpitations, unreasonable fatigue, and in general have been more frustrated and depressed now than any time in the last 10 years of my life. I’m tired of wondering if a heart attack or stroke is just around the corner and knowing that I can’t even leave my desk for a proper break due to the fact there is nobody else on the clock with me for a large portion of the week. This clusterfuck of trouble is not new…it is persistent, and I believe it is getting worse.

So, here’s a bit of an update for my family and friends: I’ve thrown down the gauntlet and informed my boss I am no longer available to do Graveyard shifts due to the ongoing lack of support, coverage and flexibility inherent in the shift and our team’s staff levels. I’m done killing myself so they can pretend to save a buck, or placate me with the promise of changes that could be extremely beneficial, but then tell me months later that we can’t do anything but stay the course. (2 years+ of this bait-and-switch is enough.) I have been working at Telus for almost 10 years, and this is the first time in ALL my working life I’ve had to take a step back and say: That’s enough.

Spent this week talking to my family doctor and he agrees with me 100% that the stress of the shift is really starting to kick my ass. In fact, “Reaction to Stress” is I believe the official diagnosis. So I’m making some immediate changes, including some time off to regain a proper diet and exercise schedule and lower my stress.

The Good News: I am not about to keel over just yet: My blood pressure is back into healthy levels (surprising, considering it’s ALWAYS been high) but I do need to work off the 50+ pounds I’ve put on this year and get my cholesterol under control.

Time to get back into the routine. OATZ N SQUATS! Or at least some home cooking and C25K.

I’m sharing this mostly because for some of my dear friends and family, it’s always hard to connect to them due to my *previous* schedule. But, also, to remind people that no job is worth killing yourself over just for a dollar. If I was working into the night solving crimes or battling viruses and making the world a better place…sure…I’d re-evaluate the trade off. But as it stands, I am not burning through this precious life in a cubicle-shaped coffin.

Fuck that shit. I want to meet my great-grandkids at least.

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  1. Mom Said,

    You go for it Chris! Too many times in life people wistfully talk about the ‘woulda, shoulda, coulda’s. I am relieved, happy and proud that you are taking this step and also setting an example of how NOT to work. Don’t let any job potentially chain you to a hospital bed. I love you.

  2. Smooth Said,

    Been a lurker for a VERY long time. Good for you man, 50 + pounds is a lot and heart palpitations are no joke. The sooner you get to it, the sooner you get through it.

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