Midnight Jolt Run

Caffeine tastes better when the city's asleep


Posted by Fiss on August 12, 2006

Strike Fiss Manifesto

February, 2000

LED switches

red and green traffic streaks

nobody ever sees

multimedia hearts and soulless eyes

where nothing’s ever right anymore

cause proof is just a belief-flavoured message

that you can choose with your socks and your Danish this morning

Serenity comes to be between 7-11’s

caffeine octane maim brain

Wouldn’t trade it for the world

but I would for a kiss

of something more than pixels

both on and off the Liquid Crystal

Frantic for a rest

not sleep. Sleep enslaves too much these nights

robs me of useless time

I’ll cling to with my last breath

I’m too tired to sleep

Maybe tomorrow

Just enough

Fill my head up

top off my tanks

charge my cells

wined my springs

Just go.

I don’t know where.

At least not yet.


Strike Fiss, Studio Shinnyo, 2000. Khattam-Shud, EOF.

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